The range of services provided coincides with the basic stages of mine development from preliminary investigations to actual operations to final site reclamation. These services are offered to clients with the goal of providing the optimum mining plan, which will provide for high resource recovery, low mining cost and adequate environmental protection.
The mining engineer is responsible for planning a system to recover the maximum amount of mineral possible for the lowest achievable cost. This must be accompanied by environmental controls and development of proper infrastructure. Maxim Engineering rises to the challenge by maintaining a reputation for quality services throughout the mining industry. Professional services offered within this field includes the following:

Preliminary Investigations

  • Property Research and Evaluation
  • Reserve Studies
  • Feasability Studies
  • Economic Analyses


  • Literature and Database Research
  • Geologic Studies
  • Drilling Program Plans
  • Drill Logging
  • Coal and Overburden Sampling/Analysis
  • Geotechnical Investigations


  • Hydrology Studies
  • Environmental Resources Evaluation
  • Mine Operations Planning
  • Materials Handling and Excess Spoil Disposal
  • Design of Haulroads, Drainage, and Sediment Control Systems
  • Reclamation and Postmining Land Use Plans


  • Construction Surveying and Supervision
  • Computer Simulation of Mining Systems
  • Time Studies/Production Studies
  • Underground Surveying and Mapping
  • Surface Mine Pit Surveying and Mapping
  • Ventilation and Roof Control Plans
  • Refuse Disposal Fills and Impoundments
  • Subsidence Control Plans
  • Regulatory Compliance Consultations


  • Supervision of Reclamation Operations
  • Soil Analyses
  • Revegetation Plans
  • Vegetation Surveys and Bond Release Applications
  • Postmining Land Use Plans

Abandoned Mine Lands

  • Landslide Stabilization Plans
  • Abatement Plans for Mine and Refuse Fires
  • Design of Shaft and Portal Seals
  • Stream Restoration Design
  • Reclamation Plans for Abandoned Refuse Embankments
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