Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center

Maxim’s work at Dominion’s Virginia City Hybrid Energy Plant site began in April of 2006 with a 1700 acre property survey and continues to date. The following is a list of our clients and services provided:

  • Acin LLC
    • Initial Property Research and Survey
  • Dominion Resource Services Inc.
    • Initial Property Survey
    • Wetland Delineation Location Survey
    • Cemetery Location Surveys
    • Borehole Location Surveys
    • Pre-Construction Surveys
    • Ash Haulroad Stakeout
    • Site Topo Surveys and Volume Calculations
    • Various Permit Revisions
    • Boundary Fence Construction Survey
  • Case Foundation
    • Surveying and Mapping for Cason Drilling and Placement
  • Vecellio & Grogan Inc.
    • Control and Construction Surveying
  • Gantrex Crane Rail Inc.
    • Construction Layout Surveying and Mapping
  • Ryan Inc.
    • Control Survey
  • Natural Resource Services Inc.
    • Site Topo and Volume Calculation



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